Extensions for Vivaldi, Opera and Chromium

A collection of my Extensions for the Vivaldi, Opera and Chromium-like browsers.
Extensions are small programs extending features of a browser, they can be easily installed just by downloading and activating.

Some hints on downloads:
Only files hosted on my domain are legal and originals!
Programs, Scripts, Opera Extensions or UserJavascripts with the same name may be found somewhere on other websites. They are unauthorized and illegal copies, breaking the law.
Downloads from other websites, file shares may contain malware, you are warned downloading from there.
Please respect my work for these programs and don't violate my copyright.

SearchenginePreview (deutsch)
SearchenginePreview (english)
SearchenginePreview (portuguese)


Show previews of websites in searchengine results

Icon von SearchenginePreview

This extension shows websites as small preview image near links found in searchengine's results.

Previews in searchengine's results

Preview shown after mouseover of icon


Changes can be inspected in changelog und discussed at my blog


Some Advice for easy installation of my extensions

Unfortunately you cant install the extension directly by opening the download link in Opera, Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi and others. That is a restriction by Chromium developers which i cant influence. And i dislike to upload to Google or Opera Web Store, i have my own repo for my programs.

But... You can install my extension by downloading the extension, opening the browsers extension mananger with Ctrl+Shift+E and dragging the downloaded extension file into extension manager.

And if you try to install one of my extensions the first time, Opera shows a popup blocking installation. Why? Because installation of extensions can only be done from trustful sites as Opera says (thanks, Opera !, i like your strange behaviour and distrust! But my website is trustful!). With Opera that procedure should work and must be done only one time. Sorry for the inconvinience, but please complain to Opera ASA in Norway for such disturbing feature.


With Opera 12 the extension is updated automatically.

Vivaldi, Opera 15 and newer, and Chromium like browsers need a update by hand. Sorry, this is a new Opera and Chromium restriction! Please complain to Opera ASA and Chromium devs.

Start Extension manager with Ctrl+Shift+E, hit button Developermode and hit button Update Extensions now.

That's all.


Open Extension manager and near extension SearchenginePreview press the tool button to change settings. As a alternative you can activate settings by opening context menu on extension button.

After the settings window has opened, you can easily change the mode for the preview and hide the extension button in toolbar if desired.

Localization to other languages

For Opera 12 extension every language uses its own HTML files for Popup and Settings window.

For Opera 15 + Chromium extension every language has a own translation file with keyword and translated string. The JSON file is read at start of extension and replacement of translated strings will be automatically done.

Please read about Chromes i18n for file format and information about translation. And please look into the source of files for localization to have an idea what you can do.

If you like to help me with translations, don't hesitate to contact me in in my blog or by mail. Translators will be made visible in extension's popup, with name or nick and a link to their own webpage, and in changelog. I'm sorry, i can't afford any money for translators, but i'm willing to help you in case of problems with Web programming or design. Perhaps, if i receive very useful help from you, you may get a Gift card which can be cashed in online on Amazon and others.


Please article about SearchEnginePreview in my blog (de, you may post in english!) for help or contact me by mail.


Official (Final)

Version "BadGitty" 2017-03-10
Opera (>= 15), Vivaldi, Chromium (Extension) searchengine-preview_1_4_6_2.crx
Opera 12 (Extension) searchengine-preview_1_4_6_2.oex
Firefox (Greasemonkey-Skript) searchengine-preview.user.js

Testversions (BETA)

Beta versions may have more functionality and bugfixes, but can have some problems or annoying bugs.
Browser extensions (Beta)


The license for all these programs is a GPL (OpenSource).